Reinventing the Wheel

Reinventing the Wheel

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Developing a magnetically propelled, omnidirectional driving system
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notion image
Reinventing the Wheel project began as a STEM project in 2016.
Initially, I used the interactions between electromagnets and ferromagnetic material to move a spherical wheel, so that it can move in any direction, as in all pictures.
Have since moved onto an undisclosed method in order to protect IP.
The device can be used on any electrically powered mobility device, such as wheelchairs or robots.
I brought the project through a series of regional, national and international STEM competitions throughout my time in secondary school, and collected awards along the way (see 🏆 Awards & Accolades)
In Jan 2018, I brought prototype 1 to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition.
The following year I came back with a second prototype and won the overall best technology project: Analog Device's Best Technology Award. They sent me to California for a week, where I got to present my project at their US HQ in Silicon Valley, and received tours of sites like Stanford University and Alcatraz. I later got to present at their European HQ.
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Following on from that the project and I participated in BT Business Bootcamp, where it was one of 5 projects chosen to be worked with for the duration. I was also announced as the youngest Grand Marshal at the St Patrick's Parade in association with the above.
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I displayed the project at the Galway Science and Technology Fair in 2019, where I was presented with an award for Outstanding Achievements in STEM.
In 2019, I entered the Reinventing the Wheel Project into SciFest, where it won 1st place at the Regionals in GMIT. At the national final, I received Intel's Best Technology Award.
I was later announced as a finalist at the International Science and Engineering Fair, to represent Ireland and SciFest in Anaheim, California in 2020. ISEF 2020 was cancelled due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In 2020, I competed with the project at the Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl, where I received 3rd prize.
The patent for a version of this device was granted at the end of 2022:
Magnetic Motion Device for Omnidirectional Movement S2021/0009