Cross-Terrain Wheelchair
1 liner
Custom Wheelchair Modification for Cross Terrain use
Wheelchair before modifications
One of my younger cousins uses a wheelchair on a daily basis.
Looking to visit beaches, parks and go for walk in the not-so-well paved countryside of Ireland on their holidays, her wheelchair was in need of modifications.
With my dad heading the project, we got to work using only equipment we could source locally.
The result is an attachment for the back of the wheelchair. The existing wheels are removeable and the new attachment clips onto the frame of the chair.
The front wheels were swapped out for wider and threaded tyres, for more grip, with custom brackets to accompany.
The rear attachment consists of new, larger threaded tyres (with some pink spokes for style 😉). A two-pulley system is connected to a DeWalt drill to motorise the wheelchair, as well as an additional pulley on a lever to allow free-wheeling of the chair, with the intent to use the motorised element for situations such as uphill outings.
A new braking system and control mechanisms for the motorised element were created too, along with a new frame for pushing the chair.
Modified wheelchair, including new wheels, motorisation and additional frames